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Prayer for Trust in Jesus

Jesus gave up His life for our sins; it is the least we can do is trust in Him! Prayer for Trust in Jesus O Christ Jesus, when all is darkness and we feel our weakness and helplessness, give us … Continue reading

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Always Wondering!

 I spend so much time thinking, pondering,  questioning and "Always Wondering!" What should I be doing? What should I be learning? What is the meaning for my existence? Does that sound strange to you? I am so grateful when I … Continue reading

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An Impossible Choice!

  Tammi at the Write Stuff has asked an interesting question, but for me it is "An Impossible Choice!" She said, "If you had to choose one post from your blog to save, which would it be?" My response would … Continue reading

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Inspiring Quotes this free ticker…    I really liked this Inspiring Quotes Ticker it reminds me of the great minds that have shared their wisdom with the world. There is so much to be learned from people with knowledge, and … Continue reading

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What’s this Mood?

Maybe I shouldn’t even be trying to write at the moment, "What’s this Mood?" I thought about just posting a picture today, which would make it easy for me to avoid analyzing the way I feel. How about if I … Continue reading

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Is Writing Lying?

 I was reading Paul’s article today at the Write Stuff, and I am going to use I’m a liar… as my writing prompt to explore "Is Writing Lying?" I have wanted to write about this subject for quite sometime. Paul’s … Continue reading

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You Are An Overcomer

  It’s Sunday and I watched Joel Osteen’s message "You Are An Overcomer" on television today. I like to record the notes that I took while I was listening to him, so what you’ll be reading is short statements that … Continue reading

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My Truth Quote

Even if the truth hurts; it doesn’t make it any less true! Click here to see this background table picture & writing in its original format at My Unique Life @ my Blogger site. Picture Source Background Table Thanks for … Continue reading

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Say It On Saturday!

I can’t believe I did that; “Say It On Saturday” at the Write Stuff, but I did, and I just have to record it with this entry. I published this entry: The Writers Strike and in the comments Karen said, … Continue reading

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The Danger in Technology!

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for January 25, 2008:This Week’s Theme: Danger, danger! Describe a first brush with danger-prompt provided by Jeff Previous Wicked Stories The Danger in Technology! Wicked has always liked outer space movies like Star Wars and science fiction … Continue reading

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