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Write Stuff Forum: My Introduction

 I have been contemplating joining the Write Stuff Forum and part of joining is writing an Introduction. The reason that I decided to join was Karen & Dale in the Write Stuff Chat room the other night suggested that it might be good for … Continue reading

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StumbleUpon Review for Bobby

 I was checking out my Website Review on StumbleUpon and I noticed Bobby’s picture in my People who like this website. So I clicked on his picture and he doesn’t have any reviews and I thought that it seemed strange that no one … Continue reading

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Unhappy about Time?

[Fiction Friday] Challenge for June 29, 2007:  This Week’s Theme: Pick a mythical person or creature (e.g., Santa, Thor, Easter Bunny), and explain through dialogue, essay, or anything else, why they are unhappy with their job or position in life. … Continue reading

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What is on My Mind

 This is "What is on My Mind" I have to mention the Write Stuff Chat last night, I had a lot of fun and it brought back a lot of old memories of my favorite Excite Chat, which has been closed … Continue reading

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Experiment List

 To follow up on my StumbleUpon Experiment I think I will make a list today (See List) of all the sites that I reviewed yesterday. I looked up "Experiment" in the dictionary and this is the definition: a test, trial, or tentative … Continue reading

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StumbleUpon Experiment

 The "StumbleUpon Experiment" (See List) is a generic review of the Blogs that I have book-marked in my favorites and I hope that no one finds this offensive. The reason that I am doing this is I was on Bobby’s web … Continue reading

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Blogging Consequences

 Do you think that there are "Blogging Consequences" or am I just letting my paranoia about saying what’s on my mind run away with my thoughts? There seems to be so much Psychology in Blogging or is that just a figment … Continue reading

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