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Earth Hour Is Tonight

These are links to my previous entries about Earth Hour: Earth Hour (2011) Earth Hour (2010) Earth Hour (2009) Thanks for Listening,        Jeff My Unique Life in Windows Live Space | Writing just to Write!

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I’d be writing Something

Today’s thought is If I was meant to write each day — I’d be writing Something, and it would not be this difficult to do. But then again, I’m always making such a big deal about writing a few words, … Continue reading

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Where Is Wicked Today?

In today’s edition of Fiction Friday we are asking this question, “Where Is Wicked Today?” and like in last week’s post Wicked is still on vacation enjoying Spring Break. And do to the religious holiday of Good Friday there will … Continue reading

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Write anything at All

Today’s idea to “Write anything at All” came from yesterday’s post and this subject seems very intriguing to me: I wonder what words will make it onto the page? And here is a quote from my post last year on … Continue reading

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Response to a Comment

Today’s post is titled in “Response to a Comment,” because I think that comments are writing, too. And here are the comments that I wrote this response to: Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts with your comments, … Continue reading

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To write again Today

Although I find myself questioning my motives “To write again Today,” and there must be some reason to keep trying to practice my writing each day? And the first thought that comes to mind is this challenge that I’ve made … Continue reading

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The changes in Life

I don’t know if it’s the drastic changes in the weather lately, or just the change in the season? But today I feel like writing about “The changes in Life” and as I’ve said many times before: “I don’t adjust … Continue reading

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Go After the Prodigals

On this cloudy and damp springtime Sunday, with Joel Osteen’s message today to “Go After the Prodigals,” we all know people who used to be strong in their faith. These are my notes that I took as I watched and … Continue reading

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Sharing a few Thoughts

Although it took me quite a while to come up with “Sharing a few Thoughts” as today’s writing prompt or title, and I really don’t know why I haven’t used this title before? But as I was searching for a … Continue reading

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Wicked is on Spring Break

In this edition of Fiction Friday titled “Wicked is on Spring Break” our character is on vacation and is nowhere to be found, but here are some possibilities of what he may be doing today:     Thanks for Listening, … Continue reading

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