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Wireless Connections Are Out!

 I am not having a very good day as my “Wireless Connections Are Out!” today as neither one of my two laptop computers can connect to the Internet through my Linksys router. This is the error message that I’m receiving … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking?

 I find myself asking this question in my mind today, What Was I Thinking? When I started my Windows Live Space site I made a commitment to myself to write something every day. But Monday seems to be the worst … Continue reading

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Putting Action Behind Your Faith!

 On this blessed Sunday Joel Osteen’s message is “Putting Action Behind Your Faith!” I feel like I’m putting action behind my faith by writing down these notes that I take as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast today. The … Continue reading

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This post is really Important?

How are the readers of your blog entries and the world’s blogosphere supposed to know whether “This post is really Important?” or not…Let me try to explain what I’m saying here: While the majority of my posts are “Writing just … Continue reading

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Alpha Inventions at the Clubhouse

Build Creativity Using Random Brain Stimulation       I want to talk to Everyone today about “Alpha Inventions at the Clubhouse” the reason I am sharing this story today is because I really like to be interactive. In your network here … Continue reading

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Ozone Action Day

 Yesterday was our first “Ozone Action Day” in the Detroit area, here in southeastern Michigan, and does the question, “Is it Hot enough for you?” mean anything to you! It sure was hot enough for me yesterday and today’s plenty … Continue reading

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An inspirational writing Day

 I am not having “An inspirational writing Day” but I thought it would make a great subject to write about today. Maybe I can spark some artistic inspiration in my heart by writing about it…I’ve been inspired to write many … Continue reading

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More pictures of the Detroit Zoo

I’m writing about “More pictures of the Detroit Zoo” today because Valerie has made this post about photo albums. And she made this beautiful collage photograph of some of my pictures: The pictures in the collage photograph are from this … Continue reading

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Writing practice for Monday!

 It is another beautiful day here in Michigan, and I seem to have trouble with my “Writing practice for Monday!” Actually, I have trouble writing on most days, because I make a big deal out of writing a few words … Continue reading

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Having Uncommon Faith: Happy Father’s Day and the First Day of Summer!

  What an event filled Sunday today is…For one thing Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Having Uncommon Faith”, and although I’m not a father, I want to wish all the fathers out there a “Happy Father’s Day”, and today is … Continue reading

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